“At CorroGo, our business is simple, we deliver what we promise”.


President & CEO

Who We Are

CorroGo is an online shop specializing in corrugating and converting products. We sell products relating to corrugated boxing, stock top brands and make our clients’ corrugated boxing businesses better. We operate globally with distribution centres around the world. We have a great team of experienced and energetic people that work hard to deliver awesomeness to our customers. We have the expertise and the industry knowledge it takes to run a large-scale online shop and worldwide distribution network, and to provide excellent service.

What We Do

Over two decades ago, we started out in the corrugated business by selling spare parts, today we have grown and our online shop now stocks top brands and we have a worldwide distribution network. We carefully select and work closely with more than 50 top manufacturers in various industries, bringing our customers the top-quality corrugating, converting and related products they need, at affordable prices.

How We Do

As an e-Commerce, digitally-enabled business, we offer thousands of products and keep adding more items all the time. We continually upgrade our site to make searching, ordering and shipping easier and faster, always with our clients businesses in mind. In short, CorroGo has proudly created a system that enables our clients’ businesses to grow.

Why CorroGo

You will find people with the expertise, the experience and the energy. You will find high-quality corrugating, converting and related products at great prices. You will find a partner, not only a supplier, who will work with you to meet your business needs.
If you are looking for a partner who truly cares about you and your business, and is in it for the long-term with you – look no further than CorroGo

To set a new world standard of high quality at affordable prices with quick delivery to your doorstep.

To be a global supplier of high quality corrugating and converting related products.

Working together for the benefit of our clients.